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Use your portrait as a marketing booster with a special edition

You are  in LIVING MANORS with a portrait?

Then a
special edition could be exciting for you! In principle, only LIVING MANORS subscribers are entitled to read the contents of our e-magazine. This also applies to your portrait.

But they would like to have their story in LIVING MANORS …

… share with your existing or potential customers, guests or business partners.

… offer to all visitors of your website for full  download.

… spread on all your social media channels to generate new followers.

… present to all guests of their house as a special printed edition .

… then we have the right solution for you here!

LM-SONDEREDITION – Share your story with whomever YOU like

A LIVING MANORS special edition allows them to quickly and easily share your story in LIVING MANORS digitally and analog, when and with whom you want. 

We offer you attractive usage rights for the publication of our article about you on your website, your social media channels and your newsletter, as well as a valuable SPECIAL PRINT (see T&Cs).

For the printed SPECIAL EDITION, we take care of print preparation, printing and delivery completely. 


Select the
suitable offer from

Each offer refers to the use of your entire article in the LIVING MANORS digital magazine. 
Detailed information of all rights of use included in UPGRADE, you can read in our terms and conditions.

Special edition

from 225 €

Period of use: unfreezed

  • Use on own homepage
  • Use on own social media channels
  • Use in own newsletter
  • LIVING MANORS subscribers receive a 10% special discount

How does the purchase of a SPECIAL EDITION work?

Booking a SPECIAL EDITION in LIVING MANORS is as easy as buying one of our books. You only need a few clicks. If you still have questions, read our instructions.

it’s that simple 

With four simple steps you activate your article in LIVING MANORS.

Choose suitable offer
1. buy upgrade in the store

Click on the SHOPPING button of your desired UPGRADE. You can buy this in our store  just as easily as you can buy a book. Important: If you are a LIVING MANORS subscriber, please read step 2 first before completing the purchase process.

2. enter subscriber discount

If you are already subscribed to LIVING-MANORS, you will receive a special discount of 10% when booking.  
Please simply enter in the shopping cart when ordering. After that you can complete the payment as usual. 

3. fill out license form

After payment you will receive a link that  you to our License form leads. Please enter there your order number, your  contact details and the story whose usage license you have purchased. 

4. get story as pdf download

Once you have sent the license form, you will receive a personal download link to your story. If you have opted for the premium variants, the offprints will come directly to you.

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