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Jadasa Jablonowski, born in 1980 in Starnberg, has been in the saddle since childhood. In the meantime, Jadasa Jablonowski – affectionately called Dasi by her riding students and followers – is an internationally very successful western rider and respected trainer in many branches of equestrian sports. She won the Quarter Horse Congress in the USA three times, was third at the World Championships and is a multiple German and European Champion. This year at the 2022 European Championships she was able to add her 11th European title. Her students are also often represented on the winner’s podium in top European sports.

At home in Bavaria, Dasi has been training horses from young horses to top athletes for many years. At the same time, she is known for her particularly empathetic nature and fair treatment of her partner, the horse. The long-term nature of the training is particularly close to her heart. She also gives riding courses throughout Europe for riders at different levels of knowledge.

Her first book, “Let’s Talk Horse,” summarizes the sum of her diverse experiences and insights. It reveals her view of horses, riders and training – and how the rider and his horse become a true dream team. The decisive factor is not whether the rider is aiming for tournaments. It’s about pure, correct riding that makes horse and rider grow into a bond.


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Let’s talk horse

This book will help any rider better understand their horse. Horses can only follow if the rider makes the first move. Because a lot of the frustration in riding comes from a lack of understanding….

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Hardcover edition 49,90 €

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Let’s Talk Horse

Jadasa Jablonowski’s Riding Lessons is completely independent of riding styles and is written in an understandable and relaxed manner for every rider.

Here for the first time as an English eBook for download.

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eBook (english) 44,90 €

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