Close to the reader

close to the reader

Publications from TriMax Media Verlag are individual and have both feet firmly on the ground. That’s because they’re written by authors and bloggers who are already inspiring communities – on social media as well as in real life.

Exclusively for you

The focus of our publishing work is on the good book and contemporary storytelling. Here, it is not crucial for us as a publisher that the author already has a great deal of experience. Great topics, exciting personalities kick off a book from TriMax Media. When some books might never be created elsewhere because they don’t fit into a common publishing program, into a series – we start working. We are proud of that. Because that’s what makes books and magazines from TriMax Media so special. Books 

Our books are the talk of the town

Books from TriMax Verlag connect, tell stories, go into depth – beyond what is possible in social media. For example, who is the blogger I’ve been following for several years? Whose posts I look forward to on a regular basis? What else is exciting to report? Try it out! Read more from your favorite authors and discover more topics worth reading. Get in touch with each other through TriMax Media Publishing. Visit us also on our Facebook page.