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Welcome to the homepage of TriMax Media Publishing. We are pleased to welcome you to our online store. A small, fine publishing portfolio awaits you to browse through. Perhaps also as a gift idea for friends and acquaintances. Books  

At TriMax Media, you are the program – whether as a reader or author. Because our goal is a vibrant community. Therefore, our books are as diverse as the people who read them and those who write them. Colorful, exciting, sometimes philosophical, sometimes smiling. At the same time always sustainable high quality and authentic. Also available now: The first Table Book magazine from TriMax Media Verlag. Magazines

Books and magazines from TriMax Media Publishing arise from the midst of your communities. We “capture topics” and give them a stage in our media. Feel welcome to share your ideas and suggestions with us as a reader. Feel encouraged as an author to write individual books, on topics that are also of interest to smaller audiences. Our credo: Because we are smaller, we can also be individual. Contact

An  important aspect for TriMax Media Verlag, is the topic of sustainability. For us, our fellow human beings and our nature. Sustainable in the sense of having a lasting effect, as far as our books are concerned. But sustainable also in the sense of saving resources. With smaller print runs, e-issues and direct distribution channels, we are counteracting wasteful overproduction. For the sake of our environment. And thus create quality together with you. Sustainable

Look forward with us to a strong theme year 2023. In the planning and implementation for the upcoming season, you will find exciting books and projects from your community as well. Newsletter

The greatest gift for us as a publishing house: We love what we do. And we look forward to working with you. If you like our books, feel free to share TriMax Media posts and our authors’ reading tips in your communities. And make people talk about us! Facebook

More about the TriMax Media publishing philosophy

What our readers say about us…

With great attention I admired the start of the series of pictures Living Visions; praise and thanks for that.

I am thrilled with your overarching selection of interesting photo subjects.

The references to Maria Romahn-Schmidt with her fascinating illustrated book are also particularly commendable. Chapeau…, keep it up and good luck.

Manfred Unger

Hobby flyer

I am a western rider and devote my free time, whenever professionally possible, to my five-year-old Quarter gelding.

Training a young horse is not always easy. I am all the more pleased that TriMax Media Verlag is publishing the first book by European champion Jadasa Jablonski. I’m looking forward to seeing the first pages.

Sophia Untner

Project Manager

I love to read. Of course, browsing is all the more fun when you know that a publishing house has become

stands 100% behind its authors. For me, this also includes giving new authors a chance or ensuring that author fees are not “eaten up” by exorbitant dealer commissions. Thank you TriMax Media for direct sales. I think that makes sense.

Roselinde Klühenspies

Frequent reader

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