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In addition to our printed TABLE BOOK, our premium subscribers receive a digital magazine 4 times a year.

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You can read our eMagazine on any modern smartphone or tablet and enjoy the linked podcasts, websites or video clips. If you have taken out a Premium subscription, you will also receive at the end of each year the high-quality printed LIVING MANORS

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LIVING MANORS Premium Subscription

The LIVING MANORS Premium subscription contains the best of both worlds:
Living MANORS comes 4x a year as a digital magazine directly to your tablet or smartphone.

At the end of each year, you will receive a high-quality printed table book with the best stories and photos to collect and browse through again and again.

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Premium subscription: 4 e-magazines + 1 table book from €54.90 (incl. shipping)

LIVING MANORS Digital Subscription

The LIVING MANOURS digital subscription brings the fascination of the Living MANORS world with all the modern technical possibilities to them on smartphone or tablet. Because our richly linked eMagazine you can not only read but also listen, watch clips and much more.
With the digital subscription, Living MANORS comes automatically 4 times a year as an up-to-date eMagazine directly to your tablet or smartphone.

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Digital subscription: 4 e-magazines (German) €39.95

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