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LIVING MANORS Premium Subscription

The Premium subscription includes: 1 high-quality printed Table Book and four issues of the LIVING MANORS digital magazine per year.

Living MANORS emerges from the midst of a dedicated community of enthusiasts, authors, photographers and professionals from Germany and other European countries. The manor community is as exciting, colorful and diverse as the topics in our magazine.

From Lost Places in enchanted locations to lovingly renovated estates. From modern landowners and landladies who are fulfilling a lifelong dream by buying an old piece of real estate, to young start-ups who are revitalizing a historic site as a hotel or event location. From people who practice an old craft, without whose knowledge  a true-to-the-original restoration would not be possible at all, to knowledgeable experts who shed light on the “manor house adventure” from the economic side. What unites them all is their fascination with LIVING MANORS.

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Premium subscription: 4 e-magazines + 1 table book from €54.90 (incl. shipping)

LIVING MANORS Digital Subscription

The digital subscription includes: 4 issues of the LIVING MANORS digital magazine per year automatically via download link

Historic manor houses and estates fascinate us again and again with their very special aura. They are quiet places of power full of architectural magic and at the same time the epitome of home decor and lifestyle. Living MANORS is all about these gems of bygone eras: Their way of life, their history, their special spirit, as well as the people who inhabit these traditional houses and fill them with new life again today.

Our magazine, like many mansion dwellers today, is committed to sustainability. This means: attention to detail and careful use of all resources. That’s why Living MANORS intentionally comes 4x a year as an up-to-date eMAG directly to your tablet or smartphone.

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Digital subscription: 4 e-magazines (German) €39.95

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