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LIVING MANORS – A magazine like a table book!

They are witnesses of bygone eras and inspire in many areas: Mansions, manor houses and castles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and neighboring Europe. With headings like Landpartie, Urlaub Im Herrenhaus, Dream Houses, Travel Diary, For Sale, Interior & Art,

Haus & Buch, Denk mal! or Lost Places, the magazine opens magnificent doors and gates for the reader. Lets, for example, look over the shoulders of the castle gardener or invites with historical hosts on a journey through unique manor house landscapes. In addition, the magazine contains many event tips and numerous useful service topics for a passionate and versatile target group. Picture-rich reports and author contributions provide valuable ideas for personal country house style. Real estate presentations and company portraits invite browsing and offer a very appealing environment for advertising and co-partners. 

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