Together with our authors, we bring out books that are a joy to put on the bookshelf again. And magazines that awaken the passion for collecting. So beautiful, you’ll want to drape it as a table book on the console next to the vase of flowers. And we are pleased with our readership, which seeks and appreciates this quality.

Less is more

Keyword – value chain: For us, sustainability means that every book, every printed magazine also reaches its reader.
We achieve this by only printing as much as is read.
At the end of the day, we think it’s wrong to throw away more than half of the books and magazines we print. In times of paper scarcity and rising energy costs, the e-book also proves useful here.
And therefore we are happy to offer it with. Magazines

Direct distribution channel

For us, the direct distribution channel is a second important aspect of sustainable publishing. You will therefore find our publications exclusively in our online store. In addition, sales via our partners are being set up for 2023. So that in the future publication of TriMax Media publishing house are also available for you in your favorite store.
Of course, magazines are also available by subscription. Magazine / Subscription