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Welcome to the homepage of TriMax Media Verlag. We are pleased to welcome you to our online store. A small, fine publishing portfolio awaits you to browse through. Perhaps also as a gift idea for friends and acquaintances.

At TriMax Media, YOU are the program - whether as a reader or author. Our goal is a vibrant community. That's why our books are as diverse as the people who read them and those who write them. Colorful, exciting, sometimes philosophical, sometimes funny. Always sustainably high quality and authentic. The same applies to our magazines. 

TriMax Media Verlag aims to publish special books by special authors for small, committed communities. Many books that would actually be worth printing fall by the wayside today because they are far too special for large publishing houses. We capture precisely these topics and give them a stage.

As a reader, you are cordially invited to share your ideas and suggestions with us. As an author, feel encouraged to write individual books on topics that are also of interest to smaller target groups. Our credo: Because we are smaller, we can also be individual.

Sustainability is an important aspect for TriMax Media Verlag. For us, our fellow human beings and our nature. Sustainable in the sense of having a lasting effect as far as our books are concerned. But also sustainable in the sense of saving resources. For us, this specifically means that we do not use return models for our book sales, which could ultimately lead to massive overproduction and the possible destruction of books hot off the press. We counteract wasteful overproduction with smaller print runs, e-editions and direct distribution channels. For the sake of our environment. And in this way, together with you, we create quality.

TriMax Media Verlag aims to actively support regional bookshops . We do this by selling our books online exclusively via our own online store and deliberately avoiding the major online platforms. On the other hand, our retailer program keeps us in close contact with local bookstores, which can order any book from our range promptly for our readers who do not use online stores, and our sales partners from the respective community are particularly important to us.

The greatest gift for us as a publishing house: we love what we do! And we look forward to working with you. If you like our books, please share articles from TriMax Media and our authors' reading tips in your communities. And spread the word about us!

close to the reader

Publications from TriMax Media Verlag are individual and have both feet firmly on the ground. This is because they are written by authors and bloggers who are already inspiring communities - on social media and in real life

Books from TriMax Verlag connect, tell stories, go into depth - beyond what is possible on social media. For example, who is the blogger I have been following for several years? Whose posts I regularly look forward to? What else is exciting to report? Give it a try! Read more from your favorite authors and discover other topics worth reading. 


Our publishing work focuses on good books and contemporary storytelling. For us as a publishing house, it is not important that the author already has a lot of experience. Great topics and exciting personalities are the starting signal for a book from TriMax Media. If some books would perhaps never be created elsewhere because they don't fit into a standard publishing program or series - we get to work. We are proud of that. Because that's what makes TriMax Media books and magazines so special.


We believe in the magic of the printed word, the tactile book, the favorite magazine in the mailbox. Books inspire. Books connect. But we also believe that the book or printed magazine can no longer stand alone. That's why we are also on the move digitally for you.

Whether mobile on your tablet or in classic print - with our books from TriMax Media, you can go on a journey. So that you are also technically mobile, you can of course also buy many of our publications as an e-edition and read them conveniently in our members' lounge. The same applies to our video tutorials.

Discover our publishing portfolio online. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Sign up for our newsletter and don't miss any of our promotions and themed news.


Browse, browse, browse - what could be nicer than reading on the couch with a warm cup of tea? Indulging in fantasies , reading up on technical subjects in a relaxed manner and talking about your favorite book with like-minded people.

Completely immersing yourself in topics can be truly magical. In exchange with our authors, we find that many topics from a community are magically interesting for many more readers. Books from TriMax Media inspire. Made with great attention to detail and by people who live this fascination every day.


Living social media together - for our authors and the entire TriMax Media publishing team, this means that media is no longer a one-way street. If only one person is sending and everyone else is receiving. How boring is that!

Our aim is to redefine media in a variety of ways as what the term medium actually means: namely as an intermediary where many send and many receive. Only then can things really take off. In a colorful way.

Have fun reading & watching!

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