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How does affiliate marketing work?

You register as an advertising partner of TriMax Media. If you are activated for an advertising partnership, you will receive a personal affiliate link to the publisher's website or to certain products.  

You advertise these products independently on your online channels (website, blog, social media) and automatically receive a commission for every product sold via your link.  

Advertising partner

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If you have already purchased a product from TriMax Media and have already registered as a customer, please log in under 2.1. with your existing customer data . You will then automatically be taken to our form for advertising partners, which contains some additional information.  

If you are not yet registered with TriMax Media, you can access the registration form via the button under 2.2. 

As soon as you are activated as an advertising partner of TriMax Media, you will receive your personal advertising link and access to your affiliate dashboard with an overview of all your advertising activities.  

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