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High-quality printed yearbook for the eMagazine series 

Historic manor houses and estates always fascinate us with their special aura. They are quiet places of power full of architectural magic and at the same time the epitome of home decor and lifestyle. LIVING MANORS is all about these gems of bygone eras: Their way of life, their history, their special spirit, as well as the people who inhabit these houses and fill them with new life.

The most exciting stories and most beautiful photos from the issues of our eMagazine series, published 4 times a year, can be found in our high-quality printed Table Book. This is released in October of each year outside of our LIVING MANORS subscription. 

Hardcover (German), approx. 240 pages, size 21 x 26,5 cm, available 10/23, EVP 49,90 EUR. (ISBN 978-3-9824929-4-0)

Offer for Retailers:
Lot “small”: 6/5 (6 ex. received/5 ex. pay).
Lot “medium”: 12/9 (12 copies received/9 copies paid).
Lot “large”: 24/17 (24 ex. received/17 ex. paid)

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“It was important to me to write a riding lesson that would apply equally to all riding styles”

Jadasa Jablonowski is a very successful international western rider and respected trainer in many branches of equestrian sport. She won the Quarter Horse Congress in the USA three times, was third at the World Championships and is a multiple German and European Champion.
Her first book, “Let’s Talk Horse,” summarizes the sum of her diverse experiences and insights. Now she followed up: With a comprehensive Day by Day Practice Workbook & Horse Diary.  

Jadasa Jablonowkski

Professional rider and book author

Let’s talk horse

Riding philosophy for all riding styles by Jadasa Jablonowski

Jadasa Jablonowski’s Riding Lessons is completely independent of riding styles and is written in an understandable and relaxed manner for every rider.
So often the author was asked: When will you finally write a book in which we can read your training philosophy outside of your riding courses and apply it at home in our daily training?
 Jadasa Jablonowski has used the nearly two years of Corona to put all her
To write down basic knowledge for successful handling of the partner horse. With success! The result is a completely new riding lesson, loosely written, with many examples from the everyday life of a professional trainer and over 60 detailed tap-by-step illustrations for easier understanding.

Hardcover (German), 544 pages, format 13,5, x 21 cm, EVP 49,90 €.
(ISBN 978-3-9824929-0-2)

Offer for Retailer:
Lot “small”: 6/5 (6 ex. received/5 ex. pay).
Lot “medium”: 12/9 (12 copies received/9 copies paid).
Lot “large”: 24/17 (24 ex. received/17 ex. paid)

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Let’s talk horse workbook

The new workbook for the bestseller “Let’s talk horse”. 

The new “Let’s Talk Horse” workbook by professional rider Jadasa Jablonowski is a horse diary and training journal in one. It is a, on
6 month put on, intensive Coaching, in which the author accompanies its readers and their horses – quasi as Personal coaches – with their daily work and supports with Tipps, cheats and Quick facts.
“My Workbook,” says Jadasa Jablonowski, “gives you plenty of opportunities, no matter what riding style you prefer, to observe, analyze and strengthen the bond between YOU and YOUR HORSE on a daily basis.”

Hardcover (German), 336 pages, format 13.5 x 21 cm gold video stickers,  EVP 44.90 €. (ISBN 978-3-9824929-3-3)

Offer for Retailers:
Lot “small”: 6/5 (6 ex. received/5 ex. pay).
Lot “medium”: 12/9 (12 copies received/9 copies paid).
Lot “large”: 24/17 (24 ex. received/17 ex. paid)

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“The small miracles of everyday life are a great source of happiness, if only we take time for them.”

The path of life leads author Maria Romahn-Schmidt via Wagenhoff in the South Heath to Wermelskirchen in the Bergisches Land. In 1999, the nature lover returned to Sauerland She came to photography rather by chance. Friends gave her photography equipment as a gift. Since then, the well-known blogger and book author inspires more than ten thousand followers with her loving authentic collages. Always in focus: the small beauties of their everyday life in nature and garden.

Maria Romahn-Schmidt

Blinkwinkel blogger and photographer

My point of view around the year

This book is as magical as a day in Maria Romahn-Schmidt’s garden or a ramble through nature in the beautiful Sauerland. In 160 pages, Maria Romahn-Schmidt takes the reader on her walk – early in the morning at six. When the mist rises drowsily from the meadows and the hoarfrost slowly, pearls from the leaves. Always with them: their photo camera or cell phone to capture quick snapshots. The author captures the small magical moments and turns them into works of art for her readers with her pictures and collages. 

Hardcover (German), 160 pages, format 23 x 25 cm, EVP 39,90 €. (ISBN 978-3-9824929-1-9)

Offer for Retailers:
Lot “small”: 6/5 (6 ex. received/5 ex. paid).
Lot “medium”: 12/9 (12 copies received/9 copies paid).
Lot “large”: 24/17 (24 ex. received/17 ex. paid)

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