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This book is as magical as a day in Maria Romahn-Schmidt's garden or a stroll through nature. On 160 pages, Maria Romahn-Schmidt takes her readers on a walk - early in the morning at six o'clock. When the mist rises ponderously from the meadows and the hoarfrost slowly but surely pearls off the leaves. Always with her: her camera or cell phone to capture quick snapshots. 

Maria Romahn-Schmidt captures the little magical moments and turns them into works of art for her readers with her authentic pictures and collages. She achieves this quietly and silently. In her first book, we also get to know Robin - a small, puffed-up fellow with a cheeky look who knows what's what. He cheerfully starts singing when Maria and her dog come back from their morning walk and enter the garden. And so it can happen that a fun group gets together for a chat.

Starting the day filled with small, big moments gives you strength and life energy. And Maria Romahn-Schmidt is able to convey this with her way of life and philosophical approach to nature and gardening. She is so authentic that she now delights over 10,000 followers with her blog posts. "You've made my day today" is one appreciative comment. Or: "I wish you the same", "dear Maria". 

A loving approach to her community is just as important to Maria as an appreciative approach to nature. And so the book is like a break from everyday life. A morning chat with your neighbor, a good conversation with friends in the evening.

"Mein Blickwinkel rund ums Jahr" by Maria Romahn-Schmidt with texts and little sayings inspires and gives ideas for your own everyday life! Of course, the author's favorite recipes are also included. 

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ISBN numbers:

Hardcover:  ISBN 978-3-9824929-1-9

eBook: ISBN 978-3-910973-09-1

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