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Send free greeting cards via mail

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day – especially nowadays, we don’t always manage to convey all our congratulations in person. If the distance is too great, the quick digital greeting is often the best option. With our free cards in the form of e-cards, you can send very personal greeting cards to your favorite people.

Why do we send greetings?

It is banal and yet quite important – to tell a loved one every now and then that you are thinking of them. Sending a small greeting in everyday life is more important than any material gift. Pen-pal friendships can last for years and even contacts in distant countries can be maintained with small greetings. A digital greeting card allows you to send individual greetings around the world without any effort and completely free of charge. With one click, you’ll put a smile on the recipient’s face.

What is an e-card?

An e-card is generally understood to be a digital or electronic greeting card that is sent to the recipient by e-mail. The recipient retrieves the e-card via a link in the e-mail and the image and personal text are displayed. If you have received an e-card from an unknown sender, you should not open the link if in doubt. To be sure you can check with the sender personally to see if they sent you an e-card. If he confirms the shipment, you can open the link with a clear conscience. If he is not the sender of the e-card, delete the mail from your mailbox immediately and do not click on the link.

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